Saturday, September 24, 2011

Shoes shoes shoes!


My favourite shoe designer Goran Osterham Of Skifija has just released some fabulous new shoes 'Mistress serpents' which I want to gush about for so many reasons. It's a totally unique sculpt, the quality is amazing, attention to  detail is fabulous but a culmination of all these things paired with the fact he gives you a hud with every pair of shoes that enables you so many options it's just incredible and makes for a rather special mix - hence why I am such a fan!

At first I said to Goran don't bamboozle us with so many options! his reply was that yes it might seem a little overwhelming at first but once you start to play you will love! and he was so right I did start to play and couldn't stop. Basically Goran sells you a pair of shoes that will adapt to any outfit. You'll always be able to get the colour perfect! I have to say that my favourite feature of the hud is 'the shiny' I love the glossy look that you can achieve with this. I know I'm such a magpie! shiny demonstration below.

shint effect

To coincide with the new release of the Mistress Serpents shoes Goran has reduced the price of some other items in store - not that he really needs to as the prices are so unbelievably reasonable anyway.

Skifija shoes

Hair: 0L - Vintage - Red by Darkerside@ >Savior hair
Skin: 800L - Gori tan skin J2 bt > JeSyLiLo
Dress with corsage & scarf: 0L - current group gift > Gizza

Mistress serpents: 299L > Skifija
Classic high heels - summer: 25L > Skifija
Andromeda: 149L > Skifija

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