Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bunny year

Its chinese new year and this year its year of the bunny. So they think that they would have the right now to talk a lot. Like carrots are the best food. Carrot cake for the masses and gras we do not eat gras we want carrots ... the only solution is to press the hands on the ears till they have finished their odd talk or have sore throats and stop talking because of that.

At the Ozimal sims a hunt to the chinese new year is taking place at the moment. As the hunts before you need to search for objects and get keys you could use in the stores on the sims to get the gifts. The dress and the tattos on the picture are from katat0nik. The skybox comes from moch and the wristlet from Frippery. The bunny bench is the gift from
Skybox: +mocha+ - Bunny with Me (0$ Huntgift)
Outfit: *katat0nik* Eva Bunny Tattoo Sleeves , *katat0nik* (black) Eva Bunny Outfit (0$ Huntgift)
Bench: *F&TFC* Year Of The Rabbit Hunt Gift 2011 (Oz) BOXED (0$ Huntgift)
Wristlet: ET~Year of the Rabbit Bracelet (Ozimals Exclusive) (0$ Huntgift)

An other great hunt gift is this golden fairy like dress. Its very shiny so i took the picture in black. The dress is the gift from *PDD*.
Dress: *PDD* LineGold Dress for hunt (0$ Huntgift)

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