Monday, May 30, 2011

Surferguys skating

Bob was a skater by birth. And he always hated the lack in places where to skate. So he started to train his abilities. First he spend some time on becoming a great skater on stones. Then he started to train on grass. As he was able to do many tricks on that he started to train on sand. He moved in a strange way so that the sand under the wheels became massive. He even managed to jump.
grass skater
The skate'n surf hunt is still going on and there are some great gifts for guys in it. The outfit on the upper picture is one of the gifts from 22769. The prim parts are of course mod. For the hips a hoodie which is wrapped around them is included.
Surferguy 2
22769 have a second gift in the skate'n surf hunt its a more classical beach outfit. The checked pattern shorts come with a string. The white and blue striped tanktop fits perfectly to the beach theme.
not warm enough to surf
Juice put a sweater for times when its too cold to surf in the hunt. It is very comfy and easy to resize. I like the red which has been choosen. The shading is done well of course. The jeans are not in the hunt they are basic jeans from 22769.

Outfit: 22769 ~ unisex skater (0 L$ Huntgift)
Skateboard: WisentAnimations : Skater (0 L$ Huntgift)
2nd: 22769 SSH ~ homme surfer (0 L$ Huntgift)
Top: Juice .:. Hucker Hoodie (0 L$ Huntgift)
Trousers: 22769 casual couture Ultimate Jeans (70$)

There are much more stores in the hunt. Take a look at the hintlist.

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