Monday, May 30, 2011

Girl next door


This look is inspired by a friend who was saying that she wanted a new look, a kind of girl next door look, and I guess we have our own spin on what that look should be. I'm not even sure where that term comes from, but essentially it's an innocent, pure decent kinda girl, so my interpretation looks like this! If you want to get this look for yourself then here is what you need to know :-

Hair: 300L MOA 02 - sandy blonde > [69]
Shape: 0L - skate n surf hunt item ( looking for a small surf board)  - Lana > CS Shapes
Skin: 0L - luckyboard item - Anika > Mother Goose
Scarf & bag: 0L group gift > !1MM
Dress: 0L subscribo gift > Autre
Shoes: 50L - Monalisa shoe - Cream > .:Censored:.

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