Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The annoying piratefish

She enjoyed the time at the dock. The weather was perfect and so she just let the sun shine on her body.
time in the sun
In summer she went nearly every day to the beach. She spend her time with sitting in the sun. Sometimes she watched the whales, but often she just dreamed.
sitting in the sun
It was relaxing. She never swam but she used to change her towel every day. Sometimes she even lost her towel because of piratefish. Those piratefish disturbed her with odd songs. They swam under the dock and sang "humans are like cookies" and sometimes really nasty songs. When she got angry she threw her towel on them. The piratefish pretended that they would get hurt and whimpered normaly very loud. Then they disappeared for a week. They had a secret business in which they sold used-towls to squids. Pestering sunbathing people was a very effective way to get used towels.
sunbathing and grinning
Ducknipple takes part in the skate'n surf hunt and put a striped bikini into the huntgift. It comes on several layers with primbows. The design is wellmade and the bikini is just cute. The towel with the poses is one of the latest release from just a pose. It has five different inbuild textures and contains eight pinup poses. The poses are great and sensual so its amazing that they are also included in the set so that they could be used without the towel.

Bikini: Ducknipple: Duckini - Striped (0 L$ Skate'n Surf huntgift)
Towel: { Just A Pose } Pin Up Beach Towel (75 L$ taste of SL )

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