Thursday, June 2, 2011


She was waiting. Of course she could have been wearing more but she wasn't intrested in that. She was thankful that he was willing to share her love for a game she allready had loved as child. Hide and seek. She was obsessed by it. He wasn't but she had some ideas how to keep him intrested in it.
gift tree
The giftoutfit is one of the latest releases from schön. It comes on all layers. The textures are well shaded. To close the band there is a bow at the leg. The designer managed to create a nearly seamless connection between the shirt and the trousers layer. I like that nearly the whole body is wrapped into the band. The asymetric look which is created by only wrapping one leg makes it even more intresting. The outfit is called ILY which is the short form of I love you.
wrapped in schoen
1st.: ::Schoen:: ILY (gold) (200 L$)
2nd.: ::Schoen:: ILY (red) (200 L$)
3rd.: ::Schoen:: ILY (blue) (200 L$)

The outfits are also available in a fatpack for 550 L$.

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