Saturday, June 4, 2011

Peaches & cream


I have so much fabulousness to share at the moment (yes yes I am aware that fabulousness is not a word be it should be). I am loving this new release outfit from Vero modero, which also comes in black, but I rather like the cream one.It has a lovely plunge neckline as you can see but what you can't see is that it is backless very sexy!

Oh and check out the hair! a new group gift from Exile..oh I do love some lovely flowing locks I do! and yet another great skin from Mother Goose's with juicy peachy lips, a colour that isn't so wdiely used I don't seem to think but is the perfect compliment to this whole look I'm sure you'll agree.

Skin: 0L Luckyboard item - Trudy II > Mother Goose's
Hair: 0L new group gift > Exile
Dress & headress : 350L cover dress - cream > Vero Modero

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