Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hearts and blue Chairs

At the moment the Cupid Heart Hunt is going on. Id like to show some of the hunt gifts.

Some dogs like chocolate. This outfit contains some chocolate so i had to recognize that it attracts wolfs. Or maybe he thought that there is a cat because of the boots. An other reason could be the munch pixie - food envy.
Outfit and shoes : Ruru@Tear [DOLCE] (Cupid heart hunt)
Right: Werewolf avatar from HYBRIDERA - The Silver (2499 Linden)

Glasses: $Dustarrz$ Hearts Glasses PK
Dress: *MIU* coco (platinum)
Leggins: +mocha+ - Sweet Twilight * 1/5
Socks: (Slow Kitchen)Innocent_lady_socks
Shoes: +mocha+ - Sweet Twilight * 5/5
Skin: Den-Dou Keiko ate the chocolate by stealth XD

Some time ago i wrote about the rocking chair and the catbed from Brat~[T] Designs . Now i won a house on their Midnight mania board and an other rocking chair. The house has only 77 Prims. Here some pictures of it.

The Fireplace is very nice. I made some chocolate on it.
Sitting on the blue rocking chair in front of the fire. The rocking chair is on the Midnight Mania board on the second floor of the shop. It has only few prims.
House: Brat~[T] Medieval Rustic House (Midnight Mania gift)
Chair: [M] Rocking Chair V2 Midday (Midnight Mania gift)

For those pictures i used an other gift from the Cupid Heart Hunt.
Dress: *ENCEMBLE*Cupid Heart Hunt*
Bowl and Whisk: *+N3F+* Cupid Heart Hunt Gifts
Nails: sa_manicure_0210_HeartWhiteOnRed (February Gifts at Sterling Artistry
Socks: (Slow Kitchen) Innocent_lady_socks
Skin: Den-Dou Keiko ate the chocolate by stealth XD

Lovelace has a nice subscriber gift. I have a thing for pinstripes so pinstripe underwear is definitly blogable.
Underwear: ** LoveLace 2010

For this blog i used the february gifts from Sterling Artistry Eyes. I wonder how the Owner of this shop always manages to make such great Eyes.

Eyes: sa_eyes_FebruaryIntricacy and sa_eyes_FebruaryRomance

And instead of concentrating only on one thing he made a hunt gift which made me laugh.

Chair: Sterling Artistry's Broken Heart Hunt gift!
Top: (Slow Kitchen)Innocent_lady_dress (Cupid Heart Hunt)
Trousers: *ENCEMBLE*for MeN #26*2/2*Cupid Heart Hunt*Panel

Last but not least a really cute Lucky chair gift. A tiny elephant avi. Its from the shop of Etharia Parrot. She once gave me that elephant cuddling toy which i love so much.
Avatar: Tiny Inc: tiny grey elephant avatar boxed (Lucky Chair gift)

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