Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New from Lika Ruby

Walking perfectly dressed through little china. The dresses are the latest release from Lika Ruby.
As all outfits from that store they look like a great mix between elegance and sexyness.
The colours they come in fit very well to the theme. And the collar and the sleeves are just cute.
Its amazing, that the skirt looks so great. That seems to be caused by the prim skirts which are made on a different way than primskirts from other stores which offer that kind of dress.
The dresses are available in six colours. And as they are the latest release the price for the dress is reduced at the moment. As seeable on the picture the skirt is really well made. Its mod so its possible to make the dress fit smaller avatars. The gloves are also a great idea. Worn with them the dress looks warmer and of course its also possible to wear the dress without the gloves.
1: +Lika Ruby+ china dress long(purple) (280$)
2: +Lika Ruby+ china dress long(green) (280$)
3: +Lika Ruby+ china dress long(black) (280$)
4: +Lika Ruby+ china dress long(white) (280$)
5: +Lika Ruby+ china dress long(aqua) (280$)
6: +Lika Ruby+ china dress long(peach) (280$)

Or +Lika Ruby+china dress long-(FAT)vivid (purple, aqua, peach) (560$) +Lika Ruby+china dress long-(FAT)mono (white, green, black) (560$)

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