Friday, December 31, 2010

Ready for the party

Being dressed for the silvester party. But somehow the plane seems to be a bit late. The dresses from icing are just perfect for a party. They are elegant and classy. And the quality of the textures is amazing. The upper dress is one of my favourite dresses from Icing. Its named Holiday Party and that name fits perfectly. The dress comes with lace under the skirt and a big fur collar. The dress in burgundy on the left side exposes the shoulders more. It could be worn with a skirt in tealength or as ballroom gown. The flowers at the hip are lovely. The dress on the right somehow reminds me on ships and sailors. Its elegant but also works for just going to the supermarket to get some fresh apples.
Left: *ICING* Temptation (295 Linden)
Middle: *ICING* Holiday Party (295 Linden)
Right: *ICING* Goodnight Kiss (265 Linden)

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