Sunday, August 21, 2011

Yet more pink!

Think pink

It's easy to create a look that you love with so many great designs out there, I love to see how other people put outfits together too. When i'm out & about shopping I often see people and think wow that look is so cool! that's what I love most about SL the creative freedom that it gives you.

My inspiration for this look was from a an image I saw with a kaleidoscope of varying tones of the same colour. Pinks & purples I love and so it was natural for me to adore this skirt  - a new release at J.E.M It's  has this great satin effect to it  - yes I'll have the teal one too if you don't mind!

 I've been desperate to get these shoes on since I picked them up from Fir & Mna at the fifty linden friday event which I knew instantly that I wanted to wear with these tights that I grabbed at the store amato that I told you about in my last post - see I told you there was some great things to be had there!

It's always  tricky and often too late to blog the flf items as that but I always list their current price after the event. Guess what?,  I went back to check and the shoes are still available at 50L so get down there a.s.a.p there are black & red in both men & womens sizes ...what are you waiting for?! go!

Hair: 225L - Bunny - babelicious brunettes > sugarsmack
Hat: 10L - blossom hat > +::+Natural+::+
Skin: 800L - yummy - tan skin j10 > JeSyLiLo
Jacket: 0L - luckyboard item > Y&R
Neckbow: 190L  - bow good times necklace > Royal blue
Skirt: 100L   Bell's skirt - dark > J.E.M
Vest: 0L - intrinsic vest - eggplant > Jane
Tights: 0L - gift > amato
Shoes: 50L - Ashford brogues - red > Fir & Mna
Ring: 199L   - Arabaesque ring - black pearl > Bewildebeest
Bag: 230L - Roman bag - lavender > House of fox


  1. The thights are so awesome. I love the complete look. Everytime when I see the picture it makes me grin. And wow to the shoes.

  2. I just saw this comment thank you so much that's really lovely :) <3