Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ghost Ship

Ira was pondering. The ship was there - again. It seemed to appear once a year. And something on the island changed every time. This year the ship brought pelicans. Ira was not sure if she should be happy or annoyed about this. She loved birds and they looked good between flowers. But what would they eat? It was always so tricky with all the ghostanimals the ship brought.
With shawl and boots
I love simple, sophisticated outfits. The shirt and shawl come from Zaara, which is a store for amazing clothing for both genders. The texturing of both is amazing. The shawl is made of 7 prims and the loose parts of it move when the avatar moves. In my opinion it is a good thing to have one or two shawls just to add a detail to a very simple outfit. The shawl is mod so it is possible to make it bigger or smaller if that is needed. The blouse is sheer with some decorating seams on it. Because of the shawl over it, its not needed to wear a bra under it but without shawl it might be better to do so. It comes on on all layers so its possible to wear a jacket over it and of course a bra under it. The trousers are available at Phoenix Rising. Everything there is 25 L$ or less and the items are normaly well made (I only had sometimes the problem that it wasn't possible to mod primparts). The boots come from Coco. They have laces wrapped around them and consist of an upper and a lower part. Both parts are resizeable with the help of a hud. They go well with the thight pants but could also be combined with hotpants or short skirts. Because of their look it might be possible to use them also on several kinds of roleplay sim.

Shawl: Zaara : Pashmina Shawl *almost black* (190 L$)
Shirt: Zaara : Isis Shirt *pitch* (135 L$)
Jeans: -Phoenix Rising- Mona Pants (Grey) (25 L$)
Boots: *COCO*_Knee-HighBoots (190 L$ at the moment there is a sale going on)

The picture has been taken at Zweet ZurroundingZ a very beautiful sim Dexton Donogal showed to me. The pose comes from No String Attached.

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