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NX-74/7PQ was in love. It was the only logical conclusion she managed to find. She was not sure if she should be happy or confused so the cyborg decided to have both emotions. NX-74/7PQ had not supposed to feel those feelings anymore. She had been a victim of the 3rd imperial war. When being asked if she would be willing to be transformed into a cyborg she had been more than willing and there hadn't been much left of her human body anyways. The scientists were always surprised how well she was able to deal with her cybernetic parts and even more about how well she dealt with the pain. Of course none of them ever talked so much with her to find out that she had given birth to three children. And the pain she had gone through at every birth had been way more intense than having to deal with new limbs.
Cyborg I
But now she was in love and did not know what to do. On the one hand it was painful but on the other hand it was a great feeling. Should she tell him about her feelings or not? She prefered to keep her emotions for herself. On the other hand he was a cyborg like her. NX-74/7PQ found herself giggling like a 14 year old girl. She had given up most of her human body but did that mean that she also had to give up her human emotions? She hardly remembered her old name she had given it up as well as the nightmares of her children. Although most of her body was cybernetic she still ate normal food and to her big surprise the other cyborg seemed to search for her company. She found out that his name was MR-X47/11Q. Some time later as they were on a mission together to save some alien artefacts he told her that his name was Peter. Hers was Anne.
Cyborg II
The creativity people share in second life is amazing. Sometimes there are items which are simply surprising in the quality of the textures. The items from ND/MD definitly belong into this category. The store sells all kinds of skins, shapes and more. The suit, the facemask, the shape and the boots come from their Scifi line. As written before the quality of the textures is stunning. The suit has many details and the metal looks like polished metal should look. The suit comes on the undies, socks, undershirt and gloves layer. So its possible to wear other layers over it for example a jacket to take care that all cybernetic parts are kept warm. The boots come with two kinds of bootlegs a bigger and a smaller one. They go of course perfectly with the suit and although they have high heels they are stable enough for any adventure in outerspace. The mask connects perfectly with the suit. And also the connection lines of the parts of the suit are nearly not visible which shows very well how impressive the quality of the designs from ND/MD is. The suit is sold in many versions. The store also sells cyborg skins and the items are not only available for women. There are versions for men as well - and of course the boots for them aren't high heels. The hair is the Vicky Hair from Wasabi Pills. To let it look a bit more cyborgish I put the glow on 0.2 and the shinyness on low. I would never have had such an idea myself but the creator of the suit told me that it would look great, so I tested it and had to agree. As skin I used Posy Pale Kitty from Adam n Eve.
Cyborg III
Suit: ND/MD : Galaxia SILVER SUIT (990 L$)
Facemask: ND/MD Galaxia Silver Mask (340 L$)
Shape: ND/MD GALAXIA Silvermoon Shape (640 L$)
Skin: Adam n Eve Skins - Posy Pale - Kitty Bewbs (1000 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Vicky Hair (250 L$ one colour pack 1500 L$ for all colours)

The poses come from Niqotine Poses, this store was one of the most amazing posestores ever. I use their poses quite often but do not mention that they come from that store as the store is closed.They sold great fighting poses, wonderfully naughty couple poses, girlish girly poses and more. The pictures have been taken at Tochigi Japan Cybercity a great sim Sian recommented to me.

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