Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Orient Express

Stretching after having sat a long time on a very comfy sofa in one of the most famous trains of the world, the Orient Express.
in the orient express
This skybox from [-BLUE SKY-] is created with the great idea to transport the feeling of riding a train into second life. It consists of a big box and a train inside of that box. On the inner wall of the box there are animated textures which move around the train so sitting or standing inside of the train it feels like you would be the one who moves. The idea is simple but very impressing in my opinion. I also love the textures which have been used inside of the train. The blue carpet and the wall texture are stunning. The train has a dining room for two persons and two cabins. One of the cabin has a table the other one does not. The furniture is not linked to the train so you could simply remove it and place different furniture if you do not like it. The sofas in the cabins have several animations. The whole skybox has 176 prims and a size of 50 m x 10 m. It comes in a version with and one without trainsounds. In my opinion it is great for taking pictures in it. The Orient Express Skybox will be for a week on the [-BLUE SKY-] Lucky board from 10 March.

The outfit i used for the picturs is free and consists of huntitems and luckyboard gifts. The necklace is the hunt for roleplay gift from cogoo. It comes with a resizescript. I won the skin on the heartsick luckyboard. In the box are several versions of it (with cleavage and without). The dress is an other lucky board item, i won it at Tart. The leggins, the v-neck top and the pink flats are all gifts in the march into spring hunt.
orient express skybox
Skybox: [-BLUE SKY-] "Orient Express Train Skybox" (0$ Luckyboard starting 10th march)

Blue Dress: TART Nikita - blue (0$ Lucky board)
Pink Flats: MIS Hunt Gift - [A.D.D. Andel!]
Leggins and Top: MIS Hunt Gift - [SOMAPOP]
Necklace: H4RP2 #63 - [[[ COGOO ]]]
Skin: HeartSick : Spirit : Harmony : Jewel (0$ Lucky board)

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