Monday, March 7, 2011

St Patrick's Gift 6: A lovely set...

I was looking around the grind, trying to find something new and beautifull enough to show you all, about St Patrick... and lucky me i found this lovely table...
And yes, a big smile was draw in my face, from ear to ear.
It was sooo much posibilities... each one of the sits have two napkings on the table, one big and one small where glasses suppouse to be. If you click on it, a menu will appear asking you what type of meal you like to rezz, the same happen with the beverages,
And if this is not enough for you, guess what, it cames with texture change, so yes, you have a bazillion posibilities to do with this lovely set.

Furniture label

St Patricks romantic table for two: Aphrodite Shop [LS750, but belive me they are WORTHLY]

Thanks to Marina you're awesome


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