Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In my finest

Here I am in my two current favourite items. First the skirt, I adore this skirt for so many reason, yes the texture is fabulous, but what I love most is the shape, I can honestly say that this is THE best skirt I've ever had!. The way it is designed, makes so that no matter how I stand or walk, my bottom never shows through, now that is quite something if you ask me! I'm sure you'll all agree that nearly every skirt or dress you've ever had, flexi or non-flexi reveals your legs or bottom at some point, well not this one, you really truly have to have it to appreciate what I'm saying.

Next is the shoes! aww shoes! I love them, and again I have to say that these are the best shoes I've ever had, again due to clever design!. I love the shape and style, but what I adore about them is the versatility. There are so many options with these shoes, that you need never buy another pair, well not for a long time hehe. Never before have I found a pair of shoes that makes it so easy to match my skin colour perfectly, but also the amount of options is fantastic. You can change the look in so many ways, the fabric (116 colours available to choose from), the sole, the jewelry and toe colour. I don't think I ever want to take them off!

Hair & Hat: Free group gift > Heart softens
Jacket & sash: L$25 - Stacies strength > Phoenix rising
Skirt: L$10 march into spring hunt item ( skirt part only worn here) > 22769
Shoes: L$149 - Andromeda heels > Skifija

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