Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Waiting for Alice and some more

Oh how i love the midnight mania at SR Leatherwerkx. This week they got a wonderful gown in it. The Queen of hearts dress. Its simply stunning, has great textures and the resize script works. It comes with a crown and fitting shoes. The underwear made me grin. So just hurry and slap the board.
Dress: SR Leatherwerkx : Queen of Hearts (Midnight mania normaly sold for 750 Linden i think)

This green gown was on the Midnight mania board at Cloverleaf. Its no copy but trans so if any man reads this blog, if you ever wanted to make your beloved one a gift and didn t want to pay money for it go there and slap the board and give the dress to your girlfriend as gift. The parrot was in an other midnight mania. If you touch it by mistake it starts to make lots of noise, touching it again will stop it. It flys around the avatar from time to time. And its also trans and not copy.
Dress: Cloverleaf: Evening Rose Gown ~jade~ (Midnight mania board, else 150 Linden)
Parrot: * - Deutsche Gesten.:: Funtastica ::.: Frecher Papagei animiert & Sound /Box (Midnight mania)

Elvenbreath has an easter store hunt. In it you could search for three easter eggs. Egg 3 contains this gown. Its very pretty but im sure it will look better on taller avis. On mine it looks like i either ate to much or like im pregnant. If you wear wings in roleplay you ll have to make a copy of the skirt and attatch it on an other attatchment point as its normaly attatched on the spine. So it took off my wings.
Dress: ~Elvenbreath~ Easter Egg 3 of 3 (0 Linden)

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