Thursday, April 1, 2010

I like boys - and i m sure they like my hotpants

When looking around i found this cute outfit in a store. Its very simple. But i love the cute hotpants. They are very short and im sure they are combinable with lots of other tops.Outfit: kiss store gift: elite i like boys (0 Linden)
Boots: Bax (i suppose thats enough information)
Skin: Skinthesis-Mindi-Pale-Samhain '09 LE (Lucky chair)
Sword: blogged before

As the weather isn t becoming much better, coats are still needed. This is a gift from Okidoki in the Mad March Hare hunt. Its still there but as it says March i would hurry to get the coat. In the gift is also a silver version of the coat for men.
Coat: Okidoki : Vintage PeaCoat for Him & Her (0 Linden Huntgift)

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