Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Opening gift from 22769

The Guys from 22769 have moved. And because of that they give away a opening gift for five days starting at the 1st of April. The new store is bigger so it should be more easy to find everything. When being there i also saw a bargain sale. The items in that sale are reduced so you only have to pay 80% of the original price.
So here a picture of the top of the gift. Its green with a nice patern on the middle part (im not glad with the picture i made of it).
Here a picture of the complete outfit. It consists of a top, a sweartshirt which is wrapped around the hips, and jeans. I always like the jeans from 22769. Their textures are well made.
Outfit: 22769 shoppingbag 5 day flagshipstore gift (free from 1st - 5th of April 2010)

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