Saturday, June 5, 2010

Strawberry fields

When her grandchildren found the picture she stroked her hair back and smiled. Oh yes i remember that moment. I was with some friends at a strawberry festival. It was at a very pretty place next to a huge lake in green meadows. I think it was Randy who made this picture of me when i ate this strawberry. I still have the taste in my mouth. But then her grandchildren asked "what is a strawberry?" and a tear ran down her cheek.
Strawberry: ::SPLIT PEA:: Strawberry for your Mouth (1 Linden at the Lark Strawberry festival)

At the strawberry festival i also found those cute tops. They are from Lark. I like it that they are rather playful but still elegant. So they are cute but not sweet sugar cute.

Top left: Lark - Navajo Blouse (0 Linden Strawberry festival gift)
Top right: Lark - Prarie Blouse (0 Linden Strawberry festival gift)
Trousers: * [DIAPOP] jeans green ::low rise:: (113 Linden)
Shoes with legwarmers: * [DIAPOP] * pointe* (160 Linden)

Without having planed it i also won a wonderful dress at the lucky board at lark. I didn t expect that and im very glad about it.
Dress: Lark - Leaf Dress - Cardinal (0 Linden Lucky board)

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