Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sk8ting over the grid

Training for a street skating competition. Jumping works well allready.
I wanted to have a decent sk8board for a long time. I think since i started with second life i wanted one. I bought once even a good looking one at one of the starlust sims but it was attatched to the foot and non copy and non trans and skating barefoot would be a bit painful. So im very glad that i found this board in the bluebird hunt. Its attatched to the lower leg and works quite well. Its fun to use it.
The dress is from the new women's collection from 22769. It comes with the glases and goes perfect with some big tattoos and the great subscriber hair from clawtooth.
Sk8-board: +DRANEQO+ Sk8_board(Blue Bird) (Bluebird hunt 0 Linden - Hunt ends at 10th of June)
Dress: 22769 peggy_sue_dress (200 Linden)

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