Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cookie Spy

The heat was nearly not bearable anymore but Ella was not willing to take off her gloves with the pretty decorations around her arms. She was now for a while in the city but still she hadn't met the guy she needed to contact about the news. So she did not want that anybody could see the implants she had in her arms. But of course all could see the strings in her face. Luckily they supposed that it would be only makeup. But she used them to send messages. So she sat regularly at the beach and stared to the sea the lines in her face glowing in turns. Sending messages about the quality of cookies to the cookie mafia.
Apocalypse shirt II
Elly is in the current round of items at zombie popcornbrand. They made a shirt for it which says "I survived the apocalypse and all I got was this fucking T-Shirt". It comes on all layers and there is also a plain version without the text included. The bird on the wire makeup comes from Captivity Co. a store I thought which would have only great poses but they also make intresting make-ups and clothes. At the Virtual Insanity sim is at the moment a sale called "November Breeze" going on. The asia choker with the red pendant is in that sale but there are many more items. As Virtual/Insanity is a great store for accessories its worth to use the chance to visit the sale. The very cute shorts and the gloves with the wristdecorations come from a store with the name *CULTO*. I found it some days ago and their items are all very cute. The pants come on the trouser layer. There are four versions of the pants included in the set, with a white or with a black string and each of those with a normal and a lowrise cut. The prim parts are included in a version with and one without resizescript. The gloves with the wristbands are available in many colours and just lovely. Their primparts also contain a resizescript.
Apocalypse shirt I

T-shirt: elly::post.apocalypticT [Zombie Popcorn] (50 L$)
Choker: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] ASIA Choker (62 L$ November breeze item normaly 125 L$)
Makeup: [Ca.Co] V.C.C- Bird on a Wire (50 L$)
Pants: *CULTO* Kiba Puffy Shorts_Rumbles (90 L$)
Wristwarmers: *CULTO* Undisclosed Bracelet_BlackCotton (69 L$)
Boots: death row designs : - bootslazyregblue (190 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Chloe Hair (1500 L$ fatpack 250 L$ colour pack)

The pictures have been taken at S.I.C. using poses from Purple Poses. Their poses cost 10 L$ each pose.

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