Monday, May 9, 2011

Dressed wrong

Amalia always wanted to spend her holidays at the beach. She loved to spend a lot of time sleeping in the warm sand while her skin became tan. But this time she somehow got into the wrong plane and landed in the mountains. She was not really happy. The landscape was great and the weather was too but there was no beach and she only could spend her time wandering. But she only had dresses for the beach with her. So she spend her time running up and down the mountains to avoid to freeze.

Schön released an other dress which is free in second life but put out free with the intent that the ones who get it donate in real life to help those who are suffering in Japan. Its a short summery outfit with a bikini like top and a short skirt. The skirt is made of three primparts. The texture of the dress looks metalic.
freezing in the mountains
Outfit: ::Schoen:: Holiday (ask real-world donation item) (0L$)
Boots: -Perse- Ascot Boots (249$ or 1799$ for the fatpack with 10 colours)

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