Saturday, May 14, 2011

More Skate N surf


Oh here I am again with more from that fabulous skate N surf hunt! now I really must tell you about these lil shells , oh sure they look so pretty, but what you don't know about them is that they have lots of lovely relaxing sounds of the sea with them clever!! oh and on my previous post I demonstrated a pose from but I didn't tell you that not only are these individuals pose , but pose balls and a pose stand with animations too, see these designers are really putting a lot of thought & effort into their hunt items!

Vest, shorts & sneakers: 0L skate N surf hunt item > Stilecht
Shells , starfish & beach torch: 0L skate N surf hunt item > Fearless nation ptsd support
Pose: 0L skate N surf hunt item > SocialANGtz


Oh so you thought this hunt was just going to be about bikini's & boardies? ho ho no! look at these marvelous items from FIN! There are 12 in this hunt gift in total all of an exotic beach theme, I tried to cram as many into the pic as I could. Oh anyone for a early evening surf?

Wetsuit: 0L skate N surf hunt item > Subversion
Surfboard & pose: 0L skate & surf hunt item (female version) > Magnifique
Rocks, flowers, grass, trees, lantern, parasol: 0L skate N surf hunt item > FIN

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