Monday, May 9, 2011

The Lord of the last tower

In the morning Kaokash spend his time with watching the horizon. He was worried but not afraid. Fear was one of the feelings he would never experience. The elf would have been hurt if somebody would have compared him with a honeybadger - if he would have known about the honeybadger - as he was fearless but he cared deeply about the things which happened around him and more important he never killed to eat.
Kaokash was the Lord of the last tower. Beyond the northern border of his lands was the red marsh. The marsh was not reigned and odd beings like the black koronor lived there (the black koronor lived there until he argued with Kaokash about the Wave–particle duality). In his youth centuries ago he had explored those lands but as his sister who was supposed to reign got slayed in a battle he had to return. Nobody had supposed that Kaokash would manage to end the fights his Sister was involved in. All knew about his lack in fear but it was known that lack in fear would only help to end fights not to keep the peace which could only be earned with smart diplomacy.
It was hard for the elf who had never planed to spend his time on mainly one place. But somehow he managed to deal with the rituals and the balls his new position brought to him.
This did not affect the state of his mind in this night. When they supposed he wouldn t listen his servants whispered about him. Kaokash knew it and he also knew that there was no way out of his misery. He would need to marry the daughter of the Lord of the first tower. There was no way out if it. When he saw the top of the sail of her ship at the horizon he needed to lean against the tower slowly he started to get an idea of the meaning of the word fear.
The elf lord
Wasabi Pills released yesterday their white death armor.Its a armor which covers the whole body. The horns for the head come for three attachment points. Some parts of the armor look like being made of skulls others seem to have been created out of metal. Maybe thats why nobody ever found the corpse of the black koronor. All the parts come with a resize script so its easy to make the armour fit. The hair is the maeve hair from the same store. It is surprising how well it goes on a male avatar.
The shape is the declan shape from CS*shapes. Its a shape which goes well for a hero and has a good size in my opinion.
The skin I used has been on the lucky fortune teller at fallen gods inc. sometime ago. There are similar ones available there now. The crystal faery skins.
The elf wears the forest elf eyes from sterling artistry. Those are big and fit well to an elf.
Death armor
Armor: /Wasabi Pills/ White Death Armor (1200 L$)
Shape: DECLAN Shape [CS Shapes] (749 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Maeve Hair - (250 L$ for one colour pack or 1500 L$ for all colours)
Skin: CRYSTAL +Fallen Gods Inc.+ male Fortunes Edition (former lucky fortune teller gift similar skins available for 990 L$)
Blue dots on the skin: Skinthesis - Bioluminous Spots - Abyss (30 L$ tattoo layer)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry : sa_ForestElfEyes_NinuiBlue (50 L$)

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