Saturday, May 7, 2011

The violin Ghost

Emilia was surprised when she found the violin for sale in a small dusty store for music instruments. Being an expert for classical music she saw immediately that it must have been build by one of those mystical violin builders of the 17th century - Imaldi Barbartar. There was the rumor that Imaldi had build his violins only during the night but Emilia thought it would be silly to belive in rumors. She belived to be quite lucky to have found the violin for a price which could only mean that the owners of the store had no idea what jewl they were selling. Of course she bought it, planing to sell the instrument for a much higher price.
But after a week odd things started to happen in the night. Emilia's cat had left her flat as soon as she brought the violin home and never came back (The cat moved to a girl in the neighbourhood who became later a famous singer. The song which made her popular had the title "Minka the cat loves tomatoes more than sparrows", which was of course inspired by said cat who was a muse in disguise). Emilia started to hear the violine in her dreams it made her go insane. And it was really surprising for her as nobody wanted to buy the instrument. Her dreams became just horrible. Before she had bought the violin she had been one of those tough women, now she was a wreck. Her charlady was the one who found her corpse. The coroner was not able to find out why she actually had died. He supposed that she had died because of a massive lack in sleep but he knew that all would laugh at him if he would write that in the documents so he did not. Emilia's parents sold all the things their daughter had owned, the violin was sold to the owner of a small dusty store for music instruments.
Ghost violin player
Ronsem put a shirt to their first anniversary in their store. It comes on the jacket and the shirt layer and has a prim attachment for each gender. I needed to resize it a bit but that wasn't really tricky. The socks are from the same store. They are also a freebie.
The eyes come from [hate this]. They are their hunt gift in the supernatural hunt. The set contains makeup and black eyes. They are great to create for example an ghost roleplay character.
The wearable violin with inbuild pose comes from baffle. The set contains a violin to rezz which has three inbuild poses, four violins and bows with poses and tattoos which look like the holes of a violin.

Top: RONSEM* 1st Anniversary Tee (0 L$)
Socks: RONSEM* Solt Socks (0 L$)
Eyes: [hate this] supernatural hunt gift (0 L$)

Pose with violin: Baffle! Symphony

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