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Fridelka was a succubus. But unfortunatly she was not really good in seducing humans to get their souls for hell. As all succubi she was pretty hot. The form of her body attracted many men but she was such a bad kisser that none of those ever wanted to sleep with her. She also was not to keen on having sex with humans as she secretly had fallen in love for a minor incubus.
Demoness in hell
Of course Fridelka couldn t tell anybody about the fact that she had fallen in love for an other demon. Falling in love was not really what a succubus should do, it was completly against all rules. Being unhappy she spend a lot of time wandering around in hell until she found in one of the colder areas a chained angel.
Demoness talking to the caught angel
The most succubi would have tortured the angel. But Fridelka was lovesick and somehow had the feeling to be at the wrong place. So she started to talk with the angel. He told her about many things. And after a while she dared to ask him about love. So he told her about humans who fell in love for each other or for things. After poking the angel a bit to keep the traditions up the succubus went to her favourite spot to sit down and think a bit. She decided that she wanted to see more than hell so she went to earth.
demoness sitting
But outside the heat of the hell her legs started to react strange. They were much hotter than the environment, so it looked like they would glow. Fridelka loved the fresh air. It was great to inhale without the smell of sulfur around her. Soon she forgot the incubus but decided to stay on earth. Somehow even the like to seduce humans, to get their souls for hell, came back. She tried to seduce a man but her kissing abilities had not improved so she failed. But he showed her how to make pancakes. As a drip of the dough fell onto her legs by mistake they heated the dough and when she pulled the pancake of her leg is was much more tasty than the ones she had fried on the normal way. Nobody who ever ate one of those pancakes was able to imagine a life without them. After having found a nice fitting bar Fridelka opened a pancake house. The prices for her pancakes were very low but she asked her customers sometimes to do some things. And her customers were very willing to do everything she asked for just to get more pancakes.
demoness in bar
Creative Insanity is a great store for unique animation overriders (ao). Their aos are well made, great for roleplay and often come with fitting props. For the pictures I used their demoness ao. It has 25 animations. The ao could be used with or without wings there are two versions of the notecards which controll the ao contained in it.
Beside this the set comes also with two sets of wings, tail, horns, legs and demonclothing. A golden and a black/red one. Those items are mod so its possible to make them smaller or bigger. The bra and the short silks are scripted. Because of this its possible to let parts of the bra disappear on touch and its the same with the cloth part of the skirt. The purple skin with the scales was a very special donation item at the fantasy faire. It was available for around two hours there as long as Alia Baroque, the owner of Fallen Gods Inc. was kept in prison there.
some poses of the demoness ao
Poses and Outfit: ## CI ## Demoness AO (400 L$)
Purple Skin: SCALES xx +Fallen Gods Inc.+ SKIN + PURPLE natural (990 L$ was a donation item at the fantasy faire)

The pictures have been taken at The Covenant Realm and Aventurien I.

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