Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Prepared for the fight

Standing around and planing to do some mischief. So i went to the river and thought of swimming. But then i was insecure because of the armour and decided to stay dry.
Its the second anniversary of the Feudal Nippon sim. And because of that the Scavenger Hunt is taking place at this sim.
You have to search for 21 coins. The hunt is also intresting for guys as in the coins is always a female and a male part of the outfit. There are also boots included but i didn t manage to make them fit correctly so i wore my usual boots for the outfit.
Im very glad that a friend told me about that hunt. So i found a nice roleplay sim and had a lot of fun during the hunt. I met some of the people who roleplay there and they all have been rather friendly. So its a hunt which is not only nice because of the gifts.
Outfit: (F) Kotora Nippon Samura (0 Linden Hunt items)

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