Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jaunty jaunty jaunty

22769 have rebuilt their store. Its now more open and looks bigger although they are still at the same place. And they take part in the jaunty sale, a sale for guys. All the items in the sale are at 49 Linden.
22769 have two sets in the sale one with brown knickebocker (thats the name of thouse trousers in german i have no clue if they have that name also in english).
Outfit: 22769 jaunty sale outfit 2 (49 Linden)

And a outfit with a red scarf, pinstriped trousers and a ethnic top. I think those outfits are much to nice to be only for guys.
The textures of the top are really great. And it fits very well to other trousers.
Outfit: 22769 jaunty sale outfit 1 (49 Linden)

22769 is also taking part in the tropicana hunt. Their gift is a black hawaii shirt and fitting trousers.
Outfit: 22769 Tropicana Huntgift (0 Linden)

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