Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fashioncentric & Spessart


I recently joined the Fashioncentric group which is new to me and I want to share it with you too! There are many group notices that inform you of latest releases, events & competitions and if that's not exciting enough there's  is a room in which to pick up some fabulous weekly freebies! but what I'm looking forward to is the forthcoming hunt that starts on the 1st April which I shall be covering nearer the time. Check the OFFICIAL WEBSITE for more details.

Next what is exciting to me is that my dearest fellow blogger Dagmar Haiku has started building skyboxes one of which I have in my picture, Dagmar knew i'd be excited about the pinkness and that I am! they're inexpensive & I think she's done a great job so please do go take a peek at her marketplace store (link below)

Hair: 100L - Hair/3 - black > Slow loris
Skin: 0L - Gilyn bitter full by ::DS:: @  > Fashioncentric
Skirt & shirt:0L -  Danielle set by ::j:: @ > Fashioncentric
Jacket: I've only gone & clicked on the wrong folder to wear & wore the wrong jacket this is a previous hunt item no longer available but similar & the one I should have worn can be found here > SMS
Scarf: 290L -  drape neck scarf - animus arantiacus by Zeerys @ > Back to Black event
Tights: 0L - Group gift > !1MM
Shoes: 0L - Bordello glitter pumps - red by Pia @ > Fashioncentric
Earrings: 0L - glitter hoops by beauty code @ > Fashioncentric
Skybox: 49L - Skybox VII (hall stand not included) > Spessart

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