Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Valentines Day gone wrong

It could have been a great valentines day. At least in Cupid's opinion. He wanted to fly around and shoot arrows at people and spread the love. And of course his victims were not supposed to see him. At this special day he was even supposed to bring love to a fairy. Unfortunatly he had no clue that it was Sarina whom he planed to make happy. Sarina liked violence.
Being a supernatural being the fairy saw when Cupid came closer to her. In her opinion no other beings than fairies, insects and birds should be allowed to fly - some dragons allready had found out that she was not willing to make any exception - she had spend some time watching him. That he was carrying a bow and arrows did not improve her opinion about Cupid. It was clear that he was a suspect. And then he dared to shoot an arrow in her direction. Sarina had to act. There was only a fast move of her hand needed to catch the arrow before it hit her. With a flap of her wings flew to Cupid and grabbed his arm. Then she started to poke him with his own arrow. His whimpering sounded like music in her pointy ears. It made all excited and for some moments she did not concentrate so the maltreated one managed to flee. Sarina was annoyed in her excitement she had bitten on her lips and they were bleeding now. But at least she had managed to gain an arrow. The behaviour of her next prey would surprise her.
Amour gone wrong II
Evie's closet takes part in the Gallery Gift shop again. This time their item is a fairy gown in violet and fitting wings. It has sculpted belly sleeves and there are lacy sleeves for the upper arm as well. Those remind a bit on petals. The Top looks like it would be laced and ends in a skirt which looks like having been made of silk. A very nice detail are the laced cuffs for the wrists. Those are worn under the sleeves. All items are mod. The blush and the arrow are two more items from the Gallery Gift shop. The arrow comes from Down Down Down. It is non copy and a nice gift. The blush comes from Umeboshi. The set contains three blushs for the tattoo layer. The pose used for the pictures comes from evolve. The set where it belongs to has the name valentine. The background comes from a skybox I sell on the marketplace. The name of my store is Spessart. It has a footprint of 20 m x 20 m and consists of 17 prims.
Amour gone wrong

Gown: *Evie's Closet* Tuala Gown (500 L$ Sold at the Gallery Gift Shop)
Blush: [UMEBOSHI] AI Blush Set -TGGS ED- (80 L$ Sold at the Gallery Gift Shop)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Sybille2 Mesh Hair (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)
Skin: [Aura] Helena - Milk - tangled (200 L$ sold at the festival of sin)
Arrow: DDD_Emotional arrow(t) (100 L$ Sold at the Gallery Gift Shop)
Pose: .evolve.valentine.bag. (35 L$ for one Pose)
Skybox: Spessart Skybox VI (149 L$)

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