Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stones and Candy

Her hair had the colour of candy. And she also reminded of something very sweet. Some people had compared her with candyfloss. She always giggled on a very kind and cute way when they did this. But hidden behind the mask, she showed all others, she despised people for thinking this way. But it helped her to get what she wanted.
Festival of Sin happy
Of course, she had fought to be seen as smart as she was but it seemed like people were not really willing to change their opinion. It made her first angry but after a while she saw no reason not to gain as much as she could from this and gave up. She used her smartness to build an imperium. An imperium of stones. From farmers she bought stones they found on their fields and after those had been cleaned - the stones not the farmers although those sometimes also could have needed a cleaning - she sold them as decoration to the owners of big gardens. It was worth the efford it was surprising what some people were willing to pay for a stone. So she could buy herself a nice home. It was simple and surprisingly enough for some there wasn't anything in it which reminded on candyfloss.
Festival of Sin happy II
The festival of sin offers way more than just lust. LouLou & Co. made a wonderful gluttony themed headband. It has many little sweets on top of it and comes in three sizes. Its amazing how many details it has. Happy is a great store for the lovers of classical clothes. For the festival of sin they made a cute blouse with pretty bell formed sleves. The elegant pants are also belong to the festival of sin items from Happy.
The skybox on the upper pictures is the festival of sin item from Trompe Loeil. Its called "The Ka'u Beach". It mainly consists of mesh and is full furnitshed but leaves enough room for own decorations. The skybox has a garden with a pool and a livingroom, bedroom and a bathroom. The footprint is 54m x 29 m and the landimpact nearly 300. The hair is meshhair from Wasabi Pills. As the both Wasabi Pills creators wanted to avoid an argument the Sybille Hair is available in two versions. This is version 2. The set includes a version for avatar with bigger boobs and a normal one. The Boudoir mules from Lassitude & Ennui are an other mesh item, but they are being sold at the festival of sin. The shoes are available in several colour. It is also possible to wear them in a version where only the toes belong to the shoes and the rest of the feet of the avatar are visible, but I prefered the version where the complete foot is made of mesh. It is amazing how much better feet look which are made of mesh than normal primfeet. The colours look way more like skin. The toenails of the feet are tintable with the same hud which is also being used to tint the skin.
The pose on the upper pictures belongs to the envy me set from Hopscotch. The one on the lower are from the pencil set from Adorkable poses, its a set which is being made for pencil skirts but its great for elegant trousers as well. What I really like is that the creator included the mirrored poses. Both come also from the festival of sin.
Festival of sin Happy III

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Sybille2 Mesh Hair (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)
Top:{Happy} Timeless Beauty Blouse (Sky) (120 L$ sold at the Festival of Sin)
Pants: {Happy} Preen Pants (Toast) (189 L$ sold at the Festival of Sin)
Skin: [Aura] Helena - Milk - used (200 L$ sold at the festival of sin)
Shoes: lassitude & ennui MESH Boudoir mules - black (350 L$ sold at the Festival of Sin)
Headdress: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Headband :: GLUCOSE :: (200 L$ sold at the Festival of Sin)

Skybox: Trompe Loeil - The Ka'u Beach Skybox (999 L$ sold at the Festival of Sin)
1st and 2nd Picture: *~*HopScotch*~* Envy me (200 L$ for 6 poses sold at the Festival of Sin)
Link3rd: aDORKable Poses: Pencil II Dork (50 L$ one pose sold at the Festival of Sin)

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