Sunday, November 28, 2010

In the City with Honey Kitty

Looking insecure after being lost in a dirty area of the city. But at least having found a telephone box and phoned a taxi. But its a long time to wait so spending some time on testing the clothes which are in the bag.
Honey Kitty has some great shoes on their lucky boards. They are flats with bows and straps and so on. The shopping bag is a freebie from the same store. The skirt with the dots comes in red and black. It could we worn with or without the bow. I blogged the red shirt the first time a long time ago but its still lovely and looks great with the black skirt.

White top and skirts: *H+K*+*+free dot skirt+*+
Top: *H+K*lucky board_(red)romantic tops
Blue shoes: *H+K*LB_(naivy)ribbon ruffle flat shoes
Purple shoes: *H+K*LB_(purple)girly flat shoes

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