Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black Magic

Spending some time in a mystical book store and searching for the perfect spell for gaining power. Its planed to use that power to manage baking the one ultimate cookie of cookies. And well maybe also some useful things like a singing alarm clock and a mushroom which tells stories. A:S:S released some cute fur cape hoodies. They are available in many versions and they also got kind of a rocking look. I have no clue why but i got reminded on Turbonegro by those jackets. The skirt was a hunt gift from WAP some time ago. I still like it very much but doubt that it is still available.
Jackets: A:S:S - Furline hoodie (one $L75, fatpack for $L500 the prim parts come with a resize script)
Makeup: A:S:S - Goth makeup (one 20 Linden or 100 Linden for the fatpack)
Skirt: .:WAP Design:. Outfit Urban [1] (0 Linden Red Seal Hunt the hunt was some time ago i do not know if the skirt is now sold in that store.)

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