Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Searching for a place to sleep

The little red haired witch does not know where to sleep. So she looks around searching for a comfy place where to spend the night. First she uses her magical powers for getting a bench. But the wood is kind of hard and the pumpkin tells her dirty jokes.
So with a "swush" the bench turns into a table. She looks at all the skulls and starts to count them. She counts and counts and at the 132st skull she recognizes that she would spend all the night counting if she would try to sleep on the table.
So she turns the table into some hay. And finally she has a place to sleep. The smell of the hay is nice and the pumpkins is a silent one too (buy pumpkin 2030 supersilent, no jokes, no laughing no drunken singing). But in the morning her raven is ill because of haveing eaten too much and her cat is in a bad mood too. But thats an other story.
All the furniture are from the for the love of halloween event and from cheeky pea. The table and the bench come with lots of couple, friends and single poses. The bench has only 7 prims and the table even less with just 4 prims. They are both very well made. Its even possible to change the colour of the blankets. The items are no copy but trans so if your best friend needs a bench in the garden thats your chance to get one for him or her.
The hay pile is the hunt gift in the for the love of halloween mini hunt. Its a lovely gift and the pumpkins which come with it are non talking ones.

Bench: :CP: Hallowe'en Bench (100 Linden) (FTLO Halloween exclusive)
Table: :CP: Halloween Kitsch Pouffe (100 Linden) (FTLO Halloween exclusive)
Hay: :CP: Hay Pile (FTLO Halloween Hunt Prize 0 Linden)

The witch wears:
Hair: * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Jane's a Witch! (FTLO Halloween Hunt Prize)
T-shirt: FTLO - HALLOWEEN - [Babycakes] (FTLO Halloween Hunt Prize)
Dress: .:Shush:. FTLO Halloween : Strapped Doll outfit (FTLO Halloween Hunt Prize)

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