Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween Furniture

Not only apparel stores take part at for the love of halloween. As seen in the blog entry about the stuff from cheeky pea, there are some furniture stores taking place. This pretty cabinet is the exclusive item from Jessentials. It only has 10 prims and a raven is sitting on the top. So if you are standing in your livingroom wondering if it would be bad to eat the last piece of chocolate it will always quoth "nevermore". The ravens on the floor and the pumpkin are hunt gifts from Jessentials. Cabinet: Jessentials Raven Set Cabinet (100 Linden)

The black sofa reminds me always on the twenties. Its the exclusive item from Maven Homes & Decor and up to three people could sit on it. The sofa has a shadow and the black and red fit well to the orange of the seats.
The covin table is the hunt gift from maven. Its possible to open and to close it.

Sofa: Maven Homes & Decor : Embrazio Morte Couch (FTLOH) (100 Linden)
Coffin table: Maven Homes & Decor : FTLOH - Coffin Table (0 Linden Hunt gift)


  1. Are the Halloween furniture available in every furniture store?

  2. No, they are just sold in second life. The places where they are sold there are linked.