Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Frosty news

Frost landing with a lot of dust in the What's the news headquarter. What's the news will be a hunt organized by the guys from 22769. Its about news (well it would be surprising if it would be about fish with that name) and will start at the 1 Jan 2011. The frost outfit will be a hunt gift in the Legends of Winter Forst hunt. This hunt will run from 16. Dec to 16. Jan. The outfit is a steampunk version of the outfit Emma Frost of the x-men uses to wear. Its lovely. And you could make some great heroine like movements in it. Of course there will be also a gift for men. They will get also a frost outfit but with an other kind of top.
For the upper picture i used the Abranimations jump enhancer. Its the gift in the abranimations adventcalendar today.
Outfit: 22769 Legend of Winter ForestHuntgift (0 Linden)
Jumphelper: Abranimations : Super Jump Enhancer v1 (0 Linden Adventcalendar at the 14. Dec)

22769 also will release a new groupgift tomorrow. Its a chocolate coloured outfit. The trousers and the sweater look great together. Of course you need to take care that nobody starts to nibble at it.
Outfit: 22769 Groupgift december chocolate (0 Linden)

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