Sunday, October 14, 2012

Oh Charlie!

Charlie had had a long morning.
Schroeder had been playing on the piano since dawn, trying to get the notes of that Rachmaninov in some sort of order that could never have been intended, judging by the noises coming through the windows and walls. Then of course, there had been the run in with Pig-Pen, and that damn kite eating tree had munched up her latest beautiful creation. Finally though, things were looking up.
Lunchtime was here at last and she could get outside in the sun, away from that mean old tree, and the great pumpkin, swelling in its patch in preparation for Halloween. With her best friend snoozing on his house, she could have some fun while he dreamed, doing handstands and cartwheels on the grass.
BlackOnly is a fashion event running from October 15th - 31st
Here are the items for the event from S U G A R. The Oh Charlie! outfit comes with MESH charlie off shoulder shirt in 5 standard sizes, two options for jeans, ripped, and unripped, and MESH thigh boots!  Also, the Princess Pea skin, which has teeth options, three cleavage options, light or dark brows, and blush / freckle / dimple tattoos.

You can find out more about the event here...

And from the 15th, you can visit the event here..

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