Thursday, December 1, 2011


The snow was perfect on the first day of december. So the iceprincess had at least a comfy landing when she fell on the ground. She kept her eyes closed as tired and exhausted as she was. Now the snow was so young and fresh, it calmed her down. She ran her fingers through it and let the crystals fall back down then. But the gravity was too much for her. She needed to lay a bit to adjust herself to it. The hail which formed her wristlets shimmered in the light of the moon.
Resting Ice princess
After some time she was feeling a bit better and pressed her body up. But she was still too weak to stand. Being a part of it her feet did not leave any traces when she digged them into the snow although she still felt unhappy because of the higher gravity.
Dreaming Ice princess
In the evening she finally managed to move on her feet. Her back hurt but she was the iceprincess so she did not show any sign of pain. Secretly she hated the winter. It always forced her to become human. At the beginning it was bearable. Of course the gravity was annoying but then she aged with the snow. So that she was all grey when spring came. And melting was always a bit embarrassing but at least after that she became an ethereal being again.
The Ice princess
Today the ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter event starts. Its an event which combines magic and winter. The sim on which it takes place looks just lovely with all the cottages, snow and wintergardens. The light there is amazing and actually it is good that there is a fireplace in nearly every house as it looks very cold. The wide range of creators, who sell their items on the sim, is great. All of them sell exclusive items for the event. The gown is the one from Faster Pussycat. It has a asymetric cut with a great texture which consists of discs. The parts of the body which aren't covered by cloth are covered with a texture which reminds on drops of ice. Beside the gown part the set comes with jewellery. The necklace and the earrings remind on frosted jewellery. The crown makes the set completly outstanding. It looks like organic forms made of ice. When seeing it for the first time it reminded me on the horns the forest spirit in princess monoke has on his head in the night. The dress comes on the shirt, trousers, undershirt and undies layer and all primparts are mod.
The wristlets are the exclusive item from PurpleMoon Creations. They look like small pearls made of metal put together with very thin strings. They fit great to the wintertheme. The set includes also a necklace and earrings in the same light and elegant design. It is possible to choose between more than 15 colours for the pearls and more than 10 for the strings. When changing the design of one part of the set the others also change their colours in that way, this is very handy in my opinion. At the same time the possiblity to change only the design of one part is also included. So this jwellery is not only a piece of great design it is also scripted on a smart way.
The black make-up belongs to the set of exclusive make-up from Virtual/Insanity. It creates a dramatic look. For the pictures I used the black make up but the set contains it also in green, teal, blue and purple.
The pictures have all been taken on the ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter sim with poses from Purple Poses.

Gown: Faster Pussycat "Trinity" Gown (599 L$ Sold at ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter)
Wristlets: :: PurpleMoon Creations:: Frozen Dew Set - All Colors - (1500 L$ Sold at ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter)
Makeup: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] BLAIR Make-up Set (70 L$ Sold at ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter)

The pictures have all been taken on the ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter sim with poses from Purple Poses.

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