Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cathrina the unicorn

Sometimes Cathrina hated being the only unicorn in the administration. Being the leading expert in moonlight law her work was essential and she loved it. But working with other beings was really tricky for her.
Pink unicorn girl II
Although she had gotten the normal nonvirgin-desensitising treatment, as all unicorns who wanted to work with other beings, being surrounded by beings who lost their virginity allready sometimes made her scream. Once she had to work with a faun who was horribly naughty. It ended with Catharina ramming her horn into some phonebooks. This made her panic even more so that she started to run screaming through the whole building. At the end the eight year old daughter of her boss managed to tame her again but Cathrina felt deeply embarrassed. All told her that they could understand her but she knew that they did not. Searching for a solution she started to work in the night. Only the ghouls were working in the night and those were all virgins. They got along very well with the unicorn.
Pink unicorn girl I
I love fantasy avatars so when a friend showed me the unicorn avatar he found in the "a midsummer nights dream hunt II" I needed to have it too. The avatar comes with hooves (with and without horseshoes), legs, a tail, huddriven ears, a mane, the skin and of course the horn. All the parts but the skin are tintable so you could choose what colour they should have. The ears are menudriven so it is possible to choose in which position they should be to express how you feel at the moment.
The pink hair is the gift from bc322 at the hair faire. It comes with a resizescript and is very cute. The cute dress is one of the gifts at the blue blood lucky boards. The skirt is mod so it is possible to make it a bit smaller.
A:S:S released glitter makeup lately. This goes very well with the complete pinkish outfit.

Unicorn: Leonine Hunt Item "Midsummer Night's Dream 2" Female (1 L$)
Dress: +++BB+++ BabyGoth rainbow skirt BLACK (0 L$ Lucky board)
Hair: *BC322 Dee-DOLLY-Pink (0 L$ Hairfair gift)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry: sa_StarlightEyes_AstralBlue (60 L$)
Makeup: A:S:S - Glitter star makeups (150 L$ for the fatpack 40 L$ for one combi pack)

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