Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In which Sian Does Interior Decor on a Shoestring

Sian recently got fed up with having her house look all industrial and sci-fi. If you follow this blog, you may recall that Sian's house largely looked like this:

Purple Latex

Look. All glowy and cold and bleak. The house, that is. You're supposed to be looking at the building, right. Not the breasts. Also, Columbine never felt, or looked at home, and Sian will do anything for Columbine. Sian herself, in the last few weeks, has made a shift in her style somewhat, moving to something softer and more ornate, if no less futuristic.

Anyway, armed with a few textures of her own and a few packs she found on the Midnight Mania at ThatChick, Sian made her house look like this:

Interior decoration

Sort of looks bare now, doesn't it?

Problem here is that all of Sian's furniture (bar the fridge - that's staying) was sort of sci-fi looking, sort of strange. Or, like the sofa you can see in the far left corner, far too many prims.

See, Sian's only got 200 prims to play with (many of which are tied up with the stuff in her rooftop garden). A thirty-primsofa doesn't leave a whole lot of space. And more - you may be surprised to know that Sian and Columbine are not interested in pixel sex (suffice to say their romance Just Isn't Like That, all right?) so Sian didn't want a bed or a sofa full of doing-the-nasty poses. Just the cuddles.

Would you believe how hard it is? An anguished cry for help on Plurk led to a response from Ariadne Korda directing Sian to her store, Vent Du Sud where everything - everything, each chair, sofa, table, picture frame, everything - is L$1.

And it's such. High. Quality. Sian took Columbine on a shopping trip. It's all sitting there, ready for you to try and buy. Pretty much everything has solo and couple poses, and clickable texture changes.

Ari K's Furniture #1

The couch is seven prims. It has a menu of poses, both for couples and on your own, and the chair can be synchronised with it, so you only ever need to cycle through one set of textures. Maybe you've seen the poses before? You're paying one Linden! Who cares? And these things are beautiful.

Ari K's Furniture #2

The cushions don't change texture. Even so, they're elegant in their simplicity.

Ari K's Furniture #3

Another L$1 couch.

Click on the cushions to change texture, the frame to change pose. Same for the bed below:

Ari K's Furniture #4

Sian never thought she could get excited about SL furniture. She was wrong.If Ari wanted to, she could sell her stuff for a hundred times more (Sian bought a far, far inferior bed from a well-known SL shop for L$125, for example) and make a killing. She doesn't. She contributes to the beauty of the community - and SL is better for her and people like her.

Check out Vent Du Sud. Even for such a tiny price, the store's got it all there for you to play with right out there. Bravo, Ari K. Bravo.

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  1. I am blushing so hard you cannot imagine... but thank you so much :)