Monday, July 11, 2011

In Which Sion is Free At Last

I'm free

In creating a male counterpart for no Lindens at all, Sian refused to compromise, making sure that not one single part of the avatar, even the AO, cost anything.

The skin was the hardest thing to find. The best Sian's so far been able to find for Sion is the Ian skin which is currently on the board at Tellaq. She likes the face, but has issues with the oily bodybuilder chest.

The Menstuff Lounge has a good sixty or more gifts, but most of those are pretty basic. One highlight is sf designs' Gothic Explorer set that includes shoes, a (silly) hat and several outfit options, of which Sion is only wearing part.


Sion wears:
Shirt, belt, shoes: [sf design] Gothic Explorer (Menstuff Lounge gift, current) L$0
Trousers: [Elixir] Hextile Pants (Squirrel'd Away Hunt Gift, June) L$0
AO: [Oracul] Basically Boy (modded, offered free in May) L$0
Skin, Eyes: [Tellaq] Ian (Midnight Mania gift, current) L$0
Shape: [Eclectic Equations HQ] Sion L$0

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