Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Drow Sailor

Nisrama was not sure if it had been the right desicion to leave the caves of her homelands. But she was not doing well between the other Drow. Nisrama was very afraid of spiders. Not the best fear to have when Lloth is your goddess. After having managed to hide her fear for years her sister found out about it and Nisrama had to flee. Now she was wearing an outfit which was too big for her and had just been told to scrub the deck.
drow pirate
Of course she was glad that Captain Silverscale was willing to accept her as jack. But his name always irritated her. Nisrama knew the old sagas about Silverscale the dragon who fought in the battle of the nothern mountains. After somebody stole one of the eggs of his mate he ran berserk in that battle and killed an half army with his breath. It turned out that the egg had been stolen by other dragons and not by humans. The guilt of having ended so many lives was too much for Silverscale. He disappeared. Some of the sagas said that he would have transformed to a human form and would punish himself by living among them. But Nisrama was not brave enough to ask him.
Dragon pirate
22769 takes part in the Skulls'n'Bones Hunt. Their gifts are pirate clothes. The outfits contain trousers, a shirt, a belt and a bandana which is not on the pictures I took of the outfits. The linnenshirt comes on several layers and it is possible to resize all primparts of the outfit. The hair comes from Wasabi Pills. The one on the upper picture is the Juliette hair. This hair has a short pony and two little bangs at the side. It is good to wear while working on something as the hair won't be blown into the face. The one on the lower picture is the Thalion hair. This hair is perfect for elves or other fantastical beings. The Wasabi Pills store has been rebuild so its nice to take a look at it. The music there is also always great. The skin and the ears on the 1st picture are also a huntgift. They are the gift from LoveCats in the Midsummer Nights Dream Hunt 2. The gift also includes a make version of the skin. The skin on the 2nd picture is the Terra arkanum version of the Scales skin from Fallen Gods Inc. .

Outfits: 22769 SNB Hunt vintage GRAMO (1 L$)
Hair 1st. Pic: /Wasabi Pills/ Juliette Hair (4 colour Pack 250 L$ Fatpack with 28 colours 1500 L$)
Hair 2nd Pic: /Wasabi Pills/ Thalion Hair (4 colour Pack 250 L$ Fatpack with 28 colours 1500 L$)
Skin and ears 1st Pic: LoveCats MND2 fantasy Drow skins men and women and ears (1 L$)
Skin 2nd Pic: SCALES xy +Fallen Gods Inc.+SKIN+ TERRA arkanum (990 L$)
Shape: DECLAN Shape [CS Shapes] (749 L$)

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