Friday, September 10, 2010

Traveling clowns

Two clowns have found an island. They hope to find somebody they could show their tricks there. So lightly excited they jump around a fireplace and play with balls and balloons.
Then both they try to train some new tricks. Like juggling together. But the female clown always drops one of the balls and gets sad.
So her friend gives her a balloon and they explore more of the island. But all the houses they find are just empty.
But they decide to look around if they find anything they could use.
They walk around and test all the old ships bop up and down in the water.
And at the end they find one. Its pretty old but they even find some fuel. So they put their few properties in the ship and start the ship. Hopeing to find soon somebody they could make laugh.

No Strings Attached takes part in Wear Gray for a day. A faire to help the american Brain Tumor Association. For that they will release the juggling and the balloon poses. Wear grey was started by Sanura Snowpaw, the owner of dreams. For more informations have a look at the wear grey blog.
The ship is the steampunk hunt gift from coogo. It looks cool and the oven is rather hot so you could even use it in cold areas.
Male Clown:
Hair: Bryce Designs - Bold Reds - Poser (200 L$)
Skin: Dimbula Rose - Dark Clown Skin (Lucky Chair Item)
Hoodie: 22769 African Red Hoodie (80 L$)
Trousers: 22769 Fall Kickoff Outfit (10 L$)
Shoes: Maschinenwerk Chucks White (0 L$ - that store does not seem to exist anymore)
Tophat: Mire - Steampunkhunt 3 Huntgift

Female Clown:
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ailith Hair C.O.C. (200 Linden)
Skin: :::Dimbula Rose::: Colorful star clown skin (0 Linden lucky board)
Top: S@BBiA::GroupGift No.14 (0 Linden)
Trousers: 22769 Fall Kick Off Outfit (10 L$)
Boots:!! DragansVarg !! *imrae* armor boots flat (490 Linden)
Horns: /Wasabi Pills/ Amoth Horns
Antlers: * [DIAPOP] * antlers ::bone:: (30 Linden)
Birds: Clawtooth: A place to call home (0 Linden Hairfair gift)
Necklace: Frippery~Happiness Shared - Night Blooms Version (not released yet)

'NSA' - Bozo - Balloon (100% to Wear For Gray)
'NSA' - Bozo - Juggler (100% to Wear For Gray)

Ship: [[[COGOO]]] The Knucker (0 Linden Steampunk hunt)

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