Friday, September 10, 2010

Hungry butterfly

A pretty butterfly flying from flower to flower searching for food.It flys over the meadow and dips in every flower. Drinking the tasty nectar.
But somehow its not satisfied with its finds. Ahungered it looks around. It sees all the flowers but they aren't enough for it. The butterfly wants more.
Then it sees something and flys quickly to the little café. It starts to fly quickly around the lonely guest who is drinking some lemonade. But always when the butterfly tries to get under the parasol to drink some lemonade it somehow gets stuck.
The butterfly gown is one of the new items from the caverna obscura lucky board. It looks like being made of a giant butterfly and a sunflower. The textures are great. The blue wings do not belong to the gown. They are a part of the current groupgift. The gift contains fitting wings to all the butterfly gowns from caverna obscura. So if you have one of those dresses you should hurry to the store to get the wings.

Dress: Caverna Obscura : Sunny Day Gown (0 Linden Lucky board)
Wings: Caverna Obscura : Sunny Day Gown Wings (0 Linden groupgift)

Poses: No Strings Attached (not free)

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