Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rocking for Unicef

When finding some instruments she got in mind that she always wanted to be a rockstar. So as there was no stage nearby she went to a dock.And started to rock her guitar as good as she could.
Her posing was allready ready for stage and she was quite sure the fish in the water liked her music.
Then she decided to sing. First she felt insecure. And sang very silent.
But then she decided to start to rock. So she started singing "my heart will go on" as loud as she could.
Suddenly the water under her became rather tumultuous. It seemed like the fishes tried to destroy the dock. But as it was build of good wood they had no chance and she also thought that the fish liked her singing that much. Suddenly a huge fish even jumped out of the water right into her arms. Seems like it prefered commiting suicide instead of having to listen to her any longer.
The poses with guitar or microphone are from No Strings Attached. That store takes part in the Project Donate. The instruments are very well build and of course the poses are great. The guitar comes with five poses the microphone with a bit more. Its amazing to see how the items from No Strings Attached become better and better. The instruments contain now a menu where you could choose your pose.

The outfit is a mix. The jeans are from 22769 and the top with the star is also from that store. I won the jacket on the ribbon lucky board. The red boots are of course from Perse. When visiting kowloon i saw a camping chair which needed only two minutes. I didn t understand anything from the words over it and after two minutes of sitting around i won a fish. Its now seeable on the last picture.

Guitar: 'NSA' - Wailin' (Guitar) (200 Linden all money goes to Unicef)
Microphone: 'NSA' Song In My Heart (200 Linden all money goes to Unicef)

Jacket: *RibboN*2tone jaket (for LB) Lady's (0 Linden)
Top: 22769 green turtleneck (70 Linden)
Jeans: 22769 casual couture Ultimate Jeans (70 Linden)
Boots: -Perse- Pursay Boots Reds (normaly 329 Linden but they got a 50% sale so they are at 149 Lindens at the moment)

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