Sunday, September 5, 2010

Red and Lace

When seeing the red dress with the black lace from Halcali i wasn`t able to resist. It is short, red and has a great cut.The backside is also very lovely. The lace goes over the the back. The skirt of the dress is rather short but has a decent length. The texture of the lace is also pretty amazing. The black gloves are a dollarbie from the same store and made to fit to the dress.
At Halcali are also more dollarbies available. For example that pink dress. It has a neckholder. The black dress is on the lucky board. For being able to win you need to join the kdc mall group. It has some light flower textures.
Red Dress: Halcali:::Lace Dress[red] (360 Linden)
Black Dress: Halcali:::Lucky Bord vol.1 (0 Linden Lucky board)
Pink Dress: Halcali:::Plain Dress [Pink] (1 Linden)
Gloves: Halcali:::Lace Glove (1 Linden)

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