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 After waiting over half a month for Frost to start, I feel a bit remiss in leaving it this long to blog some items! Here we are anyway at last. Frost is a marvellous event, staged by Depraved Nation. It's a showcase of some of the best designers in SL, all with their own ministores, offering up some of their best stuff. with exclusives to the Frost event for sale, many at reduced prices. Oh, and the lovely people only went and wrapped up a big pile of items as gifts, some in their stores, some nestling under the frozen gift tree!

Of all the tasks at this time of year, trimming the tree was always her favourite! Each bauble collected over the years began as a decoration, and turned into a memory. With the passing years, memories were turned into baubles as well, sweet times and sad collected together, and lit with the magical glow of the lights. The scent of pine filling the room, everything calm, happy and bright... until the train came roaring through the room. Each year she forgot that little detail about this place, the seasonal scare becoming all part of the fun.
No word of a lie - as I was admiring the tree in a Christmas themed SIM, not having really noticed anything unusual about the room, it having tracks and all, when suddenly, a train! 

Shape : [:ME:] C2W Special Shape - Gift at Frost
Skin :   [:ME:] Nixie Light Skintone (Winter Preckled  w/ CL 04) - Gift at Frost
Skins and Shape in a gift! Great detailing on the skin, rosey winter glow to the cheeks with freckles too, fresh from a long afternoon snowballing.
Tattoo:  +REDRUM+ Finally Free Tattoo  -  Gift at Frost
Beautiful birds and designs on this tattoo. Lovely mix of faint linework on arms and legs to the bolder birds on the chestpiece.
Outfit :  1 Hundred. Babe Bodysuit. - Gift at Frost
Very sexy twist on a santa suit! Built into the shirt or jacket layer is the shiny black belt you would expect on the jolly old elf, but its not obtrusive. Styled here for a Christmassy look, you could wear this any time of year as its not in your face xmas costume wear.
Earmuffs :  Adoness - Daisy Ear Warmers - Red  - Gift at Frost
Very cute earmuffs! Red for the season, but decorated with a daisy, to keep you warm all the way into spring.
Necklace : KOSH- TALVI NECKLACE  L$75  50% off @ Frost
Beautiful, as with everything from KOSH. Couldn't resist this necklace. It comes with different attachment points, in male and female size versions. Also available were other jewellery items in this range to match.
Boots : Cheeky : Strap Boots (MESH) Dark Brown  L$200 @ Frost
Great MESH boots, Dark Brown and Black, have a bit of a saddleshoe feel to them, but in boot form, and with straps! Available in a good range of colours. I was also tempted by the purple!

It was a dirty job each year, taking care of the naughty list. Making sure all of the coal was mined, bagged up and delivered. Some people may have expected her to have looked grubbier, to be covered with the coal dust, be grumpier, affected by the naughty people she had to deal with, but no. This was the Christmas season, and nothing made her happier. By taking care of the naughty list, it freed up everyone else to take care of those who had been good to one another. Such generosity of spirit meant there would always be a gift waiting for her, under the tree.

Skin : : S u g a r : [2] Cane - [Lush] Berries (DB - Lush {Cleav-3} Crease)  L$ 899 @ Frost
It's with a very heavy heart I write this, as S U G A R is going to be closing. I can only wish the creator Iokko well, and hope that she finds happiness in whatever she does next. And of course, as a massive fan of her work, that she changes her mind at some point, and makes some more beautiful things for me to see, and NEED.
Outfit : [Plastik]-Bordello- Corporal Adorable - Gift at Frost
Plastik has been incredibly generous with their under the tree giftbox. This dress is one of many items, ranging from outfits, to shoes and more and more. This particular minidress is sexy, but modest, with a lovely lace panel over the chest.
Horns : *Epic* .:F R O S T:. 2012 Demon Snowflake Horns - Gift at Frost
Fantastic and subtley wintery horns from Epic, with pretty snowflakes at their tips.
Clutch : PARADISIS Serenity :  Purse - Gift at Frost
Lovely little clutch bag, with ribbons, but set apart from others by additional decoration, in the 2nd picture here it looks a bit like a creepy pink hand, which it isn't at all, it's a cute little piggy.
Nails :  [ S H O C K ] Frosty Penguin Nails - Gift at Frost
Very cute little penguin nails. Some cheer for your fingertips!
You can find it all here...



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