Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Xmess!

Uh oh....
 Snow1 Of course she had known better... Even as a young elf, it had always been...
               "Rachael, stay away from the sleigh!"
                                                                                "Rachael, stop messing around in the snow!"
                                                "Rachael put that reindeer fawn down!"

It wasn't like she had never been told. It was just that she didn't want to listen. Listening to the don'ts just wasn't fun.

Crashing the sleigh... well. Accidents happened.

The reindeer were all safe, if not entirely steady on their feet yet, after she had extracted them from the various trees in which they had landed. The sack, as it blazed, contained no toys destined for good boys and girls... part of the reason she assumed the whole thing had gone up in flames so quickly was the sheer amount of lumps of coal due to be taken to the naughty and bad. Really, she reasoned, she had done the whole North Pole a favour, discovering this safety flaw without anyone getting hurt. It had been one helluva ride on the way down too!
As an elf, she didn't feel the cold. Even out here in the depths of whichever snowy forest she had landed in, the furry hems of her dress kept her warm, the flaming sleigh playing its part as a source of heat, and also, she hoped, as a beacon to let anyone looking for her find her before too long. While it burned she had time to play in the snow, creating displays with her elf magic that amused her, all the moreso as they would never have been allowed to grace the official tourist photos of the pole. This accident was turning into a good night off!

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Happy Holidays Everyone!!!
Happy Xmas Everyone!

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