Tuesday, October 30, 2012

[through the shadows]

[through the shadows]

Climbing the old house's facade was one of the easier tasks, his undead muscles pumped and his thin, pale fingers digging into the plaster as he eventually hauled himself over the balcony's railing, where he paused for the length of a heart's beat. With his head tilted, he inhaled deeply to catch it again, this incredible scent that had lured him out of his hideout and into the night, this bittersweet perfume of a life calling him with its burning wish to be ended in one last outburst of passion. As the smell coiled against his nostrils once more, so seductively mingled with the delicious throbs of a weak heart, he walked towards the tall balcony doors and placed his hand against the cold glass. Of course he'd answer this one's silent prayers for redemption. In the very end, he'd always been a... helpful person.

Free stuff in this post! The lovely hair with its attached bowler hat is a Halloween-related group gift from Dura that comes in a million of colours and in both resize- and unscripted versions. A likewise stunning gift for the girls has been set out as well, so make sure to have a look in store. The skin I'm wearing is a generous group gift from Tableau Vivant and is a gloomified version of Marilyn, their latest release. You can either grab it from the group's archive or in store, too. Not free, but certainly awesome looking - [Pumpkin]'s mesh tweed coat, which is just the right thing for grey autumn- and icy winter days - scarf attached!

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Marilyn Skin - Group Gift [50L$ joining fee]
Hair: *Dura* Group gift - Halloween 2012 [no joining fee]
Eyes: .ID. - Classic Alien - Ultraviolet [at Cinema]

Coat: [Pumpkin] - Tweed Coat
Pants: sf design - stud leather jeans

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